Chamber Music Compositions

  • Ghost Thread Inversions, for chamber ensemble, 2024
  • upcoming performance in September 2024 in Rapid City, SD
  • Three Trisagions, for SATB choir & pipe organ, 2023
  • premiered in Spearfish, SD by Black Hills State Concert Choir, 11/12/23
  • The Passion of Sleep, for voice & piano, 2022
  • premiered in Spearfish, SD by Gwen Hoops and Subin Heo, 12/6/22
  • Piano Suite in the Imaginary Key of B-flat, for solo piano, 2022
  • premiered in Spearfish, SD by Subin Heo, 12/6/22
  • Three Mysterious Objects, for piano quartet, 2022
  • Ophanim Sprocket, for small ensemble & tape, 2021
  • premiered in Spearfish, SD for BHSU New Music Festival, 3/18/2022
  • Quiddity, for flute, 2020
  • recorded by Amber Waseen, 2020

Electroacoustic, Acousmatic, & Other Recordings

  • Many of these works are found on my Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Youtube pages
  • Here are my links!

Works in Progress

Unnamed work for string quartet, casio tonebank-670 & 4-track tape

Flip Phone Piano Works (EP), for piano, flip phone & computer

Dronebank-670 (album), for casio tonebank-670 & 4-track tape

Junkyard Jazz works (album), for kawai digital piano, guitar & computer

Detuned Guitar Tunes (EP), for detuned guitars & 4-track tape